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this is....the 5th cup of coffee today(???)

i know that i was p wired earlier in the day and it is becoming that way again. i was talking to my brother in law and how he has to use a Mac at work (poor baby) but now i am BS'ing w/ Winnie and thinking about how i am going to divide up my day tomorrow.

Got the window open

Got the sliding glass door open

73 degrees


Good times

I feel good!

Info: Needed

I just checked on the status of the loan discharged and more info is needed (again) so that means the time-crunch for STLCC is no longer a crunch bc there is basically no way i can get everything ready/approved before the Fall 2018 semester. Kinda sucks but considering i am already busy af, it is no big deal. What i will be doing is sending out their information that they requested in an attempt for a 2019 run + doubling-down on the #CS50x stuff i am doing currently. Tomorrow i have the rest of Lecture 1 to watch and then i am going to try to get through one (or two) “shorts” after that (there are about five shorts for this module).

I am also going to be making more purchases in September in regards to the #app i am building

that is all for now

be back in a bit!

Watching Twitch

My friend Winnie is streaming a game called...i cannot remember. But it is entertaining. She is on vox and i am just watching. And Tweeting. Had a pop and a dinner of juicy fruits. #goodtimes, indeed

be back in a bit

How's Studying Going?

Very well!

I am ½ hour into Lecture 1 (which is actually L 2) and i understand everything just fine. I toyed around a bit w/ the terminal interface that the class is going to be using for #writing #code (which the URL i won't mention bc idk if i should), and i pre-downloaded all of the lectures (the “shorts”) ahead of time and have them filed away. A bit of this i have mentioned already.

But also, looking ahead towards the Final Project: I have a good amt of it mapped out in the “app notes” or whatever folder in TextEdit. I have a big section highlighted in bold for what the whole thing is going to look like, but not exactly what it is going to be doing “behind the scenes”, as it were. I will try to keep the code as minimal as possible just like i am going to be keeping the app as simple as possible, just like i am going to keep the directions on how to use the #app as simple as possible. #Simplicity is key!

Now, what i will be making for #CS50x is not going to be the final product necessarily. Definitely won't be. Because i really want to host this differently, and do a bunch of different shit w/ it that wouldn't necessarily match up to the standards of CS50x coursework. But it is all good.

Gonna be fun!

Be back in a bit!

idk if i am going to get through the Lecture tonight???

i mean i might but i am so exhausted from a full day that i may turn in early. And just as i say that; i feel another craving for #coffee coming on. idk. stay tuned.

I'm doing a bunch of shit tonight

Online, that is. I am working my way through Lecture 1, learning a lot about taking source code and compiling it into machine code, and the steps to do so (or at least some steps). And then I will be moving onto the “Command Line” short video after this “main” lecture is done.

I also migrated all my REAL links into Chrome bc Safari is somehow outdated on this Mac (even though everything else is up to date) and CS50x stuff will not work properly in Safari. So....whatever.

be back in a bit!

Still Into This Album

I will be a #SelfTitled fanboy for the rest of my natural life. I am referring to Paramore's S/T obvs. Fucking album is dope, enthralling, cathartic, motivating, epic.

Anyway, just procrastinating af right now. But i am making good on my album listening party promise! :)


multitask(ing is a false illusion)

i did a lot of shit in a short period of time just now. I d/l'd Google Hangouts on Chrome (which i will use as a stand-alone #app, ignore Chrome itself), i d/l'd ALL of the “shorts” videos for Week 1 of #CS50x so i can have them for offline viewing and not have to worry about a #data connection, and then i put each video in the Week 1 folder here on desktop. The Master Folder is called, you guessed it, CS50x(!) and it is going on the flash drive when the course is over (bc it probz takes up hella space on my SSD).

i am gonna try to BS every so often w/ my brother-in-law on Hangouts but he has a “serious” job now so i don't think he is going to be able to talk during the day. NBD.

Third cuppa #coffee: BREWING!

bus busy busy

well, not really. i am going to be busy at nightfall when i do my studying (will wrap-up the lecture at that time. Hell, probably before noon come to think of it).

as for right now, 8:51 AM, i am just happy to have caffeine in my system and that the sun is out. #goodtimes

i got an #AVGN episode to watch

Episode 139, Mega Man Games

It was filmed as the 10 year anniversary episode in 2016, but i never got around to watching it. I am going to save that viewing for when i have myself a nice Monster Absolute Zero in my hand. It is sure to be a classic.

I went on a little bit of a nostalgia trip on Twitter just a little bit ago which got me thinking about the #Atari2600 we used to have in the 80's and that is what got me wanting to watch some AVGN. But even Angry Video Game Nerd, himself, (or the character, series, whathaveyou) has a nostalgia thing about it. One of the most potent memories (that i swear, i will have until i die from this Earth) is having a Monster Absolute Zero for the first time in my old apartment about a month or so after i moved in there and turning on AVGN (Die Hard episode) and navigating it to “full-screen” on a PS3 on a flatscreen, yet still box, television set (yes it was in color, was HD, yada yada). I will never forget how incredibly funny that episode and every single episode of AVGN is. I have watched the playlist (starting at Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde....or maybe it was the Castlevania episode?) many, Many, MANY times. But my favorite episode is one that is a “banned” episode that is only available through a DVD (that someone else uploaded to YT) and it is an official (and very funny) Nerd episode titled “Atari Porn” and it is definitely....interesting (& uber-perverted).

Actually, no. I have misspoken. My favorite episode is Sword Quest. By far. Check it out!

Be back in a bit!