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i had a good day at the 'rents

cleaned the fuck out of the back sunroom windows, moved a few things around, picked up some supplies for my apt, all is good. now i am chillin' as the sun sets and gonna make a (small) dinner tonight and...yeah. #goodtimes

i am also thinking about how cool (and painful) the tattoo i am getting next Friday will be. Gonna cost abt $250, is my guess. I will have more than enough. Up until next Friday i have nada on my calendar, so, could possibly be a quite boring week :/:/:/

that's all for now

be back in a bit!

Stairs Hate Me

I went up and down a flight of stairs several times in a row earlier today to remove garbage from my apartment and the mini-workout fucking killed my back! I was already shaky and had my heart pounding out of my chest from two Monster + a cup of #coffee and then then stairs COMPLETELY took it out of me. Sucks. I have recovered now and offed the rest of the mangos and am feeling much better. Thank you.

Now, i am waiting for this small rainstorm to arrive so it can cool things off so i can walk to the store and get more “durable/longer-lasting” foodskee for the house. The stuff i have now will last, but there are a few other things i need.

Anyway, be back in a bit!

Oh one more thing; I have been looking for a GOOD wool sweater for the winter as i plan on having just one instead of several like i have now, and i found a co called “Varg” (cool name) that is Scandinavian w/ the sickest shirt i have ever seen! It costs $175 but i will (eventually) invest in it because it will be the sole longsleeve i own when the weather gets cooler. I will forgo the Under Armour bit, and just stick w/ actual shirts (or, shirt, singular) for winter time. + the M-65 military coat, of course.


I bought two Monster Energy drinks (working on the second one right now) and four (surprisingly affordable) Kent mangos and had two of them for breakfast. I also bought a large container of Yuban Coffee because all the other brands were $8.99+ and even though i saw Folgers for $5 even, i decided to go ahead and roll the dice on the Yban because i know i hate Folgers and Yuban I have never had before.

More shopping will probably happen later, but for now, i am good to go :)

Anyway, be back in a bit!

Interior Design

Since i did a 100% overhaul of the apartment this evening (moved furniture, cleaned kitchen and bathroom, rearranged some other things), I decided that I am going to buy a few NECESSARY things for the apt as they are necessary for me to feel like i am not living in squalor. Of course i am not literally living in squalor, my apt is quite nice, but, i am lacking a few “essential” things. Such as: a good blanket for the bed, fitted sheet, pillow case, prints/pictures/whatever for the living room, something for the bedroom wall in terms of a dope decal. Once i have these things i will not feel “COMPLETE” in any way. As a #minimalist i try to avoid that scenario. Instead, I will feel, a litttttle bit happier because since I have a nice life and I have nice things, and a nice apt, I want the apartment to be decorated a little bit. There is a thin red line between being minimalist and being poor. I look like i am on the poor-end of things the way the apt looks right now. I am changing that.

Anyway, much love

Be back in a bit!

Cooked Up A Storm

I promised myself i would make an epic dinner tonight, and that is just what happened. Before that, i cleaned up the bathroom and kitchen until they were 100% shiny. Was quite a chore (literally!). I had to let my back rest and after it felt better (5 minutes later), i made the (Italian?) dish I had promised myself. I started to throw veggies in the cook pot with reckless abandon and not knowing what i was going to come up with. Mushrooms, diced onions, diced celery, brocoli, black pepper and butter is what I ended up frying all together. And then I made the noodles with some EPIC home-made Alfredo sauce from the 'rents house that has been in the family for years (the recipe, that is). So after everything was said & done and put together, I had a hearty/delicious meal that totally hit the spot. #happy

today is so boring

i know that i am cutting down on my expenses next month so i can afford a tattoo (still top priority). I have some ideas for what i wanna get. All of them good. But for the immediate time-being, i am focusing on tomorrow when i go and do a bit of grocery shopping including even more coffee, and a couple Monsters, and some other stuff. Stuff for sammys, for sure. THat's all. No za. None of that shit. Nothing “unhealthy”. Well, Monster Energy Drinks are not really “healthy”, but they are tasty as fuck, so....

I am having a super-charged cappucino right now with FIVE(5) scoops of the mix in it instead of the recommended three (which makes me wanna barf). This is essentially hot cocoa with caffeine and it is fucking delicious.

be back in a bit

i have nothing meaningful to write about

they say to sit down in front of your computer (or typewriter/keyboard/whatever) and to have INTENTION. That is to say, have the intention of writing something which is appropriately called “intentional writing”. I have been practicing this method since 2006 and it basically never fails me but that doesn't change the fact that when i want to write something meaningful that I always, 100% of the time have the words.

Anyway, kids are being held in detention centers and it is fucking atrocious. I should be writing about that (and sort of am right now) but the words totally escape me on that issue. It is 1000% WRONG and Donald J Trump is a god damn coward with no spine nor soul and he needs to be impeached before things go awry for the kids in those detention centers. There has already been enough trauma inflicted as it is.

To put any of this into perspective is impossible. But let's say, we haven't seen anything resembling this since the holocaust and it is the lowest of low. Human rights atrocities are being commited and I am positive the American People do not support it. In fact, many are calling for the president's impeachment. But we lost control of our country and handed the ball over to the corporations and concentrated wealth a long time ago, and now all of this is in their hands. The companies? Aren't doing anything other than promoting product. The wealth? Are remaining neutral in order to protect their fortunes. The average American Citizen? Doing everything in their power to stop this nightmare from continuing along our border. People are going to step-up and vote when election day rolls around and I will be there at the polls voting along side them. Missouri is a traditionally “red” state (republican) so we are going to need as many people to turn out as possible. Usually i am 100% against voting for anyone who doesn't really have a chance of turning the tide, but, I am willing to vote for a “lesser of two evils” candidate (in the Missouri election at least) to be sure that Trump has asa much opposition as possible in Washington D.C.

That's all for now

Be back in a bit!

'tis a beautiful morning

woke up to a pre-dawn rain and had a frapp and it was just what i needed to start the day. now i am thinking about a writing project (or projects) and watching the sky as i am thinking it is going to rain again. also daydreaming about tattoos because the next one is gonna be a good one.

that's all

such a beautiful night

it was a warm rain earlier (one that i missed), and now it is very cool outside. I have the window + sliding glass door wide open and enjoying every minute of this cooled-off #stlwx.

And earlier today i had a p productive meeting with Kevin and everything is on the up-and-up except that he wants me to do 500 million things that i have absolutely zero plans on doing. Dude is completely over-ambitious and it is annoying as fuck.

What i am focusing on at this stage of my life right now,is a tattoo. I will be armed w/ $400+ to get a GOOD one in about 1.5 weeks and it is going to look awesome, whatever i decide to get.

i will be up late

be back in a bit

Haven't said much here lately

Father's Day was good. Hung w/ the dad & fam at the 'rents and the moms whipped up some killer 5-cheese...something. It really hit the spot (though i am avoiding red sauces for a while). Then yesterday I went and hung w/ dad while my mom had a “girls day out” w/ her friends. I also got to dog sit Super Duper Cooper during that time. He is a massive Great Peranese (and i have no idea if i am spelling that right). And I also did grocery shopping yesterday.

Now, i am sipping on a Mt Dew and waiting for things to pick up on Twitter. I also have an appt later with Kevin. Also need to make an appt for Tayla on Friday. Gonna make that appt soon.

Be back in a bit!