Gung-Ho About Tattoos

i have been lately. i really need to get ink ASAP. I am definitely going to go to Steel & Ink Tattoo Studio in S St Louis County as soon as payday arrives (not too far away) & get a small wrist tat + a big ass spiderweb on the crotch of my left arm (inner-elbow). I REALLY wanna finish this sleeve!

idgaf about other expenses (other than the necessary bills & shit), i just want this DONE! :)

i will continue to review my budget to see what can stay and what can go BUT, i think ~$200 will do me just fine for the small amt of work that i want to get. It is all single-needle and it will be drawn on and not stencil (both of them, i would imagine), so, the whole thing will be in-&-out. #goodtimes

i still have some big pieces that i will have to get done on my left arm before i can start the sleeving process (eagle on forearm, something (anything) big on the back of the bicep) but when those pieces are complete, I will be good to go. There are, of course, the two touch-ups that i wanna do sometime, but that is going to come when i do the sleeving process. idk how much the sleeve will cost, i just know i gotta put some money together cause them bishes be expensive!

There is, of course, the possibility that i just keep all the ink separate on the arm & keep it hard as fuck like that, but a sleeve is going to happen one way or the other eventually.

Be back in a bit!