I Own Very Little Things

Because things usually do not bring me joy + I am addicted to the feeling of no “mental clutter”.

I just saw a podcast episode (the title, didn't listen, yet) about “taking minimalism too far” or “too much minimalism” or some shit like that and it sounded pretty pretentious. Who is anyone is the position to say how much or how little one should own. Better yet, who should/would anyone care? If they are hoarding, then that may be a little different but the act of having less is never a “problem” from what I can see.

Anyway, I am an anarcho-minimalist and that is to say my thing is more or less a derivative of anarcho-primitivism where one believes there should be no government other than to provide basic, common services and the rest is up to humans. Anarchy has nothing to do with vandalism or chaos (as many people would think). I describe myself as an anarcho-minimalist because I believe in “rewilding”. Taking care of Mother Nature above ourselves. And that we should “leave the place better than when we found it”. Human activities is the opposite of this rule. We are hideous.

But back to the whole “no stuff” thing. Why is this? Well, to be without stuff is not only cathartic, freeing, and is a liberation from the responsibilities of inanimate object ownership, but it is also important for any nomadic ventures or to simply move from place to place (which is nomadism). I move every couple of years and I plan on keeping it this way. Usually it is around the same general area (because family is nearby), but travel will be a big part of my life at some point.

In the meantime, there is little reason for me to have stuff just...sitting around. It's pointless.