Littered Thoughts landing page is LIVE!

I just got done tooling around w/ (a domain i own) on and i am pleased to say (thx to Scribd), the #ebook is now LIVE and ready to be viewed or/and downloaded by anyone and everyone who has the Internet! :):):)

i set up some time ago and was (very) pissed when GoDaddy decided to publish my personal contact info all over the entire god damn WWW, but i have since stemmed that dilemma and can now publish w/ the domain again.

So, i have the ebook (as well as Copyright info) on Scribd and i also have the LT (guess what that stands for!) folder on the desktop of the Raspberry Pi w/ the complete .ePub document should i decided to publish in another....way. There is still a littttle bit of fine-tuning to do with this whole thing, but the basics are there :)

So, d/l it today! It's free! It's good! It rules!