The Whole Internet Is Lame

At least from where I am sitting.

Social media connected us, but the problem was; it connected us, human beings, which are the worst of the world

But the Internet, itself, along with all media (not just the social varietal) is nothing more than a distraction (deliberate on our parts or not) from the actual problems happening on Earth. We tend to only care about what other people think. Sometimes what they think about us, sometimes what other people think about each other. But this isn't how I think it should be. I think people should care more about the Earth and Earthlings.

When the oceans eat our coastlines and knock out the power we all take for granted, I think people will have a newfound appreciation for the “smaller things” in the world.

I am saying this from an anarcho-primitivist/anarcho-minimalist perspective and though I wish no one would be hurt from climate change and the like, I am pretty sure the changes in the world's ecosystem is going to be the biggest wake up call of all wake up calls.

Crazy times we live in, certainly.